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In the year 2015 two devastating earthquakes’ struck Nepal, around eight thousand people died and ten thousands of houses were destroyed.

In (Kaski), the district where our organization is based, houses were damaged but not completely destroyed and only a few victims have been reported.

This was quite different in the suburbs of Pokhara, the villages in the hills where a majority of the poor are dwelling.

There houses are very simple and old, build with stones and mud. Many of these houses collapsed during the shock-waves and left the inhabitants without shelter.

The board of the “Bahini-Educare-Foundation”, took immediate action and managed to raise sufficient funds to reconstruct some of the houses of the poorest in this region.

Twelve houses have been thus rebuilt and the owners have been able to move in before the onset of the winter.

The average cost for one such house ranged between

$ 4000 to $ 6000.

Twelve houses are not a whole lot considering that ten thousands of houses have been destroyed, but for these people, it made all the difference!

We will continue to do “our bit”, and we will do so with efficiency and determination.


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