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Child Rights

Demographics are showing that 40% of the population in Nepal, around 12 million, is under the age of 18.

According to the “United Nations Development Program” Nepal is the third poorest among 58 countries in Asia.

Even though overall poverty is decreasing, two thirds of the children are still deprived of at least one of seven basic needs.

In addition, there are significant disparities within the country by gender, wealth, region, language, caste and ethnicity.

Most of the children and adolescents left out of Nepal’s progress are denied many of the same rights simultaneously.

These deprivations diminish children’s potential to reach full capacity as adults, resulting in the transfer of the same deprivations to the next generation.

For many of them migration seems the only way out and migration driven by desperation will all too often end in violence, abuse and worst forms of exploitation.

The “BEF” is supporting the most vulnerable among these underprivileged groups, namely destitute single Mothers/Widows with dependent daughters.

We are providing our beneficiaries with the seven basic needs for them to live a life in safety and dignity!

Moreover we promote “Child rights” in conducting a number of “Awareness-Programs” on Children’s rights and their legal rights with regard to gender discrimination, child-marriage, bonded-labor, abuse and the risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

We are addressing the root causes of these problems, namely extreme poverty and we are working hand in hand with the communities, schools and municipalities’. For over seven years we have been very successful in tackling worst form of abuse and exploitation amongst our target-groups and our records are showing excellent results.

Our beneficiaries have been mired in a poverty trap that lasted for too many generations, determined entirely by the family she is born into.

We are committed and determined to help many more and end the vicious cycle of poverty, exploitation and desperation.

For them we are making all the difference!

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