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One Sleeping-Bag for one Life

With this action we are targeting the earthquake victims in remote and difficult to access villages. Eight months after the devastating earthquakes the people in these villages are still living under extreme difficult conditions.

Many of them are living in rickety huts or makeshift shanties without any adequate protection from the freezing cold that is prevailing this time a year.

We are happy to be able to report that our third mission to the Langtang-Valley on January 15th was yet another success.

The journey took seven hours by Jeep from Kathmandu to Rasuwa and two more hours off-road to Langtang-Valley.

From there fourteen porters and donkeys that came down from the village of Syapru and Brabal carried 300 sleeping-Bags and 200 warm jackets on a two hours steep hike to Brabal village were the distribution took place.

A total of 260 families were handed the sleeping-Bags and warm Jackets.

The temperatures were freezing and it goes without saying that the villagers were overjoyed and filled with gratitude.

Mission 4 on January to the district Gorkha

This journey took our TEAM to the village of Shimjung around five hours off-road from Gorkha.

We planned to distribute two sleeping-bags per family but the neighbor villagers came to know about it and arrived in haste to ask for support. Thus we were only able to distribute one sleeping-bag per family. We handed a total of 205 sleeping-bags and 200 warm caps and mufflers for the children. Up here too, the temperatures are freezing at night.

Our TEAM had to camp in tents for they could not return the same day. They deserve the highest respect and praise for their endurance and their courage. Our special thanks to Surendra Pariyar & Tshering Sherpa who spearheaded, organized and conducted these actions.

We are planning yet another mission to the same villages and this as soon as possible. The sleeping-bags are manufactured in Kathmandu and they are of good quality (minus 15 degree) and this at a cost of around Euro 25,-.

Up to date we were able to accomplish the following missions:

  1. December 25th

Alegaun-Village district Gorkha      65 Sleeping-bags

  •  January 2nd

Suwara-Village district Gorkha- 200 Army-Blankets

  • January 15th


300 Sleeping-Bags and 200 warm Jackets

  • January 21st

Shimjung-Village District Gorkha

205 Sleeping-bags and 200 warm caps and mufflers for the children

  • February

Jiri – Dolakha District

300 Sleeping bags and a Major Health camp with one gyanecologist and three nurses

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who are supporting this action, without you nothing of this would have been possible! Thank you all for your generosity and your compassion!

TEAM Bahini Foundation

Total of material provided in these missions:

870 Sleeping bags

200 Army Blankets

200 jackets

200 caps

200 gloves

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