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BAHINI Educare Foundation (BEF) is a Non-Governmental, Non Profit, Non Political and a humanitarian Organization established in the year 2014. Registered in the District Administration Office Kaski (# 3154/070/71) and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council Kathmandu (# 38527/070/71), BEF was co-founded by Mr. Raymond Lindinger and Surendra Pariyar.

Mr. Lindinger is a European social activist, who has been in and around Nepal for two decades dedicating his life for the most underprivileged girls and women in Nepal. He lives a life according to and aspired by the Buddhist values and ethics. His sole aim is “how can we optimize our projects” and “How can we help more and with greater efficiency”.

On the other hand Mr. Pariyar has been working in the sector of children, women and other humanitarian causes for over 12 years. 

As is evident from the name, ‘Bahini’ meaning – little sister; therefore the ‘girl child, young women, single mothers’ are our major target group.

The Foundation has the objective to reach out to the poorest and most vulnerable namely single, destitute mothers/grandmothers with dependant daughters and in lack of the most basic needs and beset with permanent difficulties. Our projects are governed by various grass root projects: a) Educare Family, b) Education Support c) Improved Cooking Stove d) Health, hygiene and Awareness e) Child Friendly Local Governance.

It has been our declared aim to prevent the worst forms of abuse, exploitation and trafficking of girls in Nepal. However, we are not excluding boys completely. Some Educare families that have boys but with a majority of girls are taken care of and incases that do not meet our criteria, we support them with education.

Despite progress over the last decade, girls and women remain the majority of Nepal’s unfed, uneducated, exploited, abused and stunted! We are committed and determined to change this sad and intolerable truth!


  1. Prevention of worst forms of abuse, exploitation, trafficking of the most underprivileged girls and women in Nepal 
  2. Empowerment of girls and women in Nepal by means of education, vocational training and awareness programs.
  3. Prevention of malnutrition by providing nutritious food to the poorest/marginalized.
  • Addressing Rural poverty and Widowhood 
  • Providing single mothers/grandmothers with dependant daughters’ food, education & healthcare to ensure better livelihood and decrement in poverty.
  • Giving the widows with dependant daughters the privilege to live with heads held high in the society.
  • Education, Health care & Counseling
  • Making sure children especially girls are not deprived of education.
  • Providing basic health care to the poorest & most underprivileged.
  • Providing counseling to the mothers and children alike.
  • Addressing Child Friendly Governance & Human Trafficking 
  • Empowering girls with awareness on child rights.
  • Prevention of child marriage and child-pregnancy.
  • Prevention of trafficking with Education, Awareness & decreased poverty


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of single mothers with dependant daughters, help them lead a normal life with their heads held high and not deprived of the most basic needs.


We envision a society where even the most underprivileged children, single mothers are able to exercise their rights freely and lead a dignified life.

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