Bahini educare Foundation


For the last two years Bahini Educare Foundation has been engaged in support of “Child Friendly Local Governance” where possible, Chapakot being the prime focus.

We organized many Awareness programs for the children and mothers based therein.

In 2016, we concluded the construction of a “Child Resource Centre”. This centre has a community hall and a small room for medical check up purposes for young girls women.

This centre will not only serve as a Child Reference and resource centre but also serve as a venue for mothers group and young women to use it for meetings, awareness programs etc.  

This centre has been built with a very simple building method, totally earthquake proof, cost effective and eco logical. It was built in almost six weeks time of course using the local Man and Woman power! The main purpose of using local man/woman power was to make sure they learn this technique of building and may use it to build in the long run.


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